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Have you decided to visit an amusement park? This is an exciting event for people of all ages, from the thrill to the pleasant gain of a memorable bauble in your favorite game. Such a trip will recreate a fun adventure when you go in a group. A large group means that you will always have companions with whom you can fun, people who will hold your things, or you can simply relax with people close to you.

Comfort Express offers one-day or multi-day bus tours to all amusement parks and state parks in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, at your discretion. Our charter buses are equipped with all the most modern and necessary amenities that you may need along the way. Ride and rest comfortably. Instead of worrying about driving, you can take a cool, comfortable bus and enjoy the peaceful ride home after a hot, tiring day out. It is very convenient and beneficial at the same time. Especially if you are traveling in a large group.

Together with Comfort Express you choose a safe first-class trip with all the luxury amenities!

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